Wherefore Art Thou Meaning?

"Wherefore Art Thou Meaning?" Many times while reading Shakespeare this is the main question on my mind. Through my own pondering & writing and hopefully some comments from others, I hope to find some answers.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Webinar Final

This class has been so much fun, and I have learned a lot along the way from amazing people in my class.  Everyone did such a great job presenting today!  I loved that we were even able to intrigue a participant enough to ask us questions via webcam.  He had a lot of really interesting input and opened up many aspects of our discussion.

My presentation was a little rough.  Doing a puppet show by using the screen and no floor (which allows for extra movement of the marionette) proved difficult, but it turned out alright.  It was neat to see people interested in my topic and the projects that I have been working on this year.

Dr. Burton teaches us that it is okay to put our ideas out there and to learn from the ideas of others, especially through social connections on the Internet.  Tonight was no exception.  We had around 50 participants.  It is pretty neat that so many people were interested in what a few college students had to say about literature and digital culture.  We experienced a few participants who were not really there to add to the learning experience, but to distract and cause problems, called trolls.  However, all they accomplished was giving us a few good laughs during our final. :)

This class has been an amazing experience, because it is made up of amazing people with amazing ideas, taught by an amazing teacher trying get us to think out of the box of traditional learning experiences and DO something with our education to make a difference in the World Wide Web.

Thank you everyone!  It has been a pleasure. 

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